“We are a multi-ethnic campus church creating a grace-filled home through connection with God to raise up a new generation of leaders to serve Christ’s church.”

This is our vision. It defines who we are, and it guides us in everything that we do. It is a statement made up of four attributes and actions, each part valuable to the whole of our community.

First, we are a multi-ethnic campus church. We believe everyone is called to seek God (Isaiah 55:1-6), regardless of culture, skin tone or language; and we welcome all. We value our diversity, as part of one of the most diverse college campuses in the country. When we say we are a "church," we distinguish ourselves from the many campus ministries at Mason. Campus ministries are complementary to local churches and aid in the work of churches, but the bread and butter of the work of the Kingdom of God is done by the local church. As a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church on the campus at Mason, we seek to be all that a local church embodies.

Second, we are creating a grace-filled home. Practically lived out, a grace-filled environment is one in which truth and love meet. Love welcomes and embraces us in our messiness, casts away our fears and assures us of who we were created to be (see 1 Corinthians 13). Truth calls us toward personal and community transformation and doesn't allow us to live in the delusions of our own self-affirming habits at the expense of others. Besides being grace-filled, we also seek to be a home on campus. Home is not a place but a relational environment, and our relational environment is oriented around food, fun and quality time with God and one another. Homes (and churches by extension) are by definition meant to be multi-generational, because it is in the intermingling of the generations that the most holistic transformation and community can be formed. We're creating this sort of a relational environment on campus.

Third, no home can be truly grace-filled without connection with God. We are not ready to settle for weekly religiosity or even Bible knowledge or good morals. God speaks all the time and cares about the details of our lives. We want to know God and share this knowledge with others. In everything we do, we emphasize learning to listen to God and cultivating an environment in which we listen to one another.

Fourth, we desire to raise up a new generation of leaders to serve Christ’s church. The next generation of leaders in the church needs to be equipped to follow Jesus in an ever-changing and divisive world. The church needs ordinary people who create environments of reconciliation. We seek to raise up leaders who know how to love those that many consider unlovable. In all that we are doing as a church, we're striving to produce leaders who can go and do the same in other communities. And this new generation must be made of diverse leaders who can work together in local churches, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God.