“The only way that the next generation of church leaders will gain the wisdom and experience of current and previous generations is if that wisdom is passed on through intentional relationships.  We invite all retirees and those with flexible schedules to consider taking a year or two to partner with us in our work on campus.  We are in the season of spreading the word and preparing for this.  We are looking forward to launch our pilot “Retirnship” year sometime in late 2017 or in 2018.

“Retirnship” = (“Retire” + “Internship”) A locally-based missionary year of outreach designed to help retirees and others with flexible schedules gain, improve and exercise skills in cross-cultural and intergenerational outreach and discipleship.  Whereas internships often mark the transition from formal education to full-time work in the workforce, our culture doesn’t have an equivalent transition from the full-time workforce to the more flexible “giving-back” life of retirement.  A “retirnship” is designed to serve as a launching point for those in retirement (or in situations in life that allow for flexible schedules) to move toward a life of serving their communities and churches.

-          Spend a year or two serving and discipling students with the Campus Church.

-          Gain the opportunity to invest in particular students and young adults.

-          Worship with us on most Sunday mornings but continue to tithe to your sending church.

-          Continue to be a part of any small groups at your sending church.

-          Take what you have learned and the experience you have gained back to your sending congregation.


If you’d like to apply, please fill out this application below.  If you’re interested in learning more, please contact our pastor.