Weekly worship

Every Sunday at 11 a.m.

Every week we gather on-campus at 11 a.m. as a church community to hear from God’s word, to sing praises of God’s goodness and our need for God in a broken world, and to pray together.  Our services follow two formats:  Morning Prayer and Worship or Worship with Communion.  We usually have coffee and donuts/pastries available for breakfast.  Check out our page about our worship services for more information.

How often do we actually take time to explore life's most important questions:  those of meaning, faith and purpose?  Alpha is a safe place to do just that in an environment in which every opinion is valued.  Plus, you'll get FREE DINNER!  Usually held on campus, check our calendar for more information about the next Alpha session.  For Fall 2018, we have Alpha hosted on campus, Thursdays at 7:30pm in Southside Dining Hall. No RSVP needed, but if you want to ask questions, email our lead pastor.


Explore Life's Meaning

Get a free meal

Make great friends

A place to savor good food and great conversation, while making new friends with those from around the world (international students and scholars especially welcomed!).  Savory Table is designed especially for those who either aren't religious or aren't Christian but who like talking about the important things in life and enjoy eating with others.  Mostly during the fall semesters, we regularly hold dinners and discussions on or near campus.  Check out our calendar for the next scheduled Savory Table, and invite your friends!  Oh, and it's free!

Savory Table

Dinner and Discussion around an Important Life Topic

connect groups

Connection with God and Others

Connect Groups are weekly small group gatherings focused on connecting with God and with each other in a safe and supportive environment.  These small groups of primarily Mason students consist of three or more people, usually lasting between an hour and an hour and a half.  They consist of studying the Bible together, learning about how to practically live out the Christian life, how to hear God’s voice in listening prayer.  Connect Groups meet at various times throughout the week.  To learn more about or to join a Connect Group, please contact Josh Kammerer.

Growth Groups

Deeper Discipleship in a Smaller Setting

For upper class and graduate students especially and those who have gone through Connect Groups, we have created a number of smaller groups that involve more focused discipleship.  These require a bit more commitment but have proven to provide a time and space for accelerated spiritual growth.  If you want to really grow in the knowledge and love of God, talk to Josh or Gayle about joining a growth group.