How to Park on Sundays

There is free parking on Sundays in Lot K for those who are willing to walk a short trip through a pretty forest path toward the center of campus.

In order to park, however, you'll need to print out a free parking pass each week.  To print out a parking pass:

1. Go to

2. Click "Purchase Your Permit" in the top navigation bar.

3. On the next page, click "Get Permits."

4. Click "Guest Login," if you don't already have a Mason login.

5. If you've never created a Guest Login, click the link to create one.  Otherwise login.

6. You may be presented with information about various parking options.  If so, click "Next." If asked, fill in your address information.

7. You should see a "Lot K Weekend Permit" option for one of the following three weekends from the date you login.  It should be listed as $0.00 in price.  If you don't this option, the lot may have been rented out, in which case it's also still probably free.  Choose this option, read and agree to the terms, and click "Submit."

8. Choose the date you want to "purchase" the permit for.

9. If you are prompted to add a vehicle, enter the information, and choose the vehicle you want to use.  Click "Next."

10. Click "Pay now."  You may be asked to check a checkbox and click "Pay now" again.

11. Print out the parking pass that you are given and display it face up on the driver's side windshield on Sundays at church or on Saturdays if we have any events on Saturdays.  Each permit is good for one weekend.

12.  Walk to church, usually in the Johnson Center (JC), but check our calendar for exact building and room information.