Our Pastoral leadership

rev. Joshua kammerer

Josh is the lead pastor for Apostles Campus Church and is working with an awesome team to spread the word on campus about how amazing the love of God is.  He, his wife Stephanie and their young son live in Washington, DC.  Josh got his Masters of Divinity from Yale Divinity School in the arctic wastelands of New England, but Josh is originally from hot and muggy South Carolina and attended the University of South Carolina for undergrad (Go Gamecocks!).  Josh is often on campus, so contact him if you'd like to meet up!

gayle fischer

Gayle disciples women and is our administrative and systems coordinator. She helps keep us organized and makes things go. If your life is disorganized, Gayle can give you lots of pointers. She helps lead some of our Connect Groups and meets with students one-on-one. She and her family have lived in Virginia for many years, and she's recently retired from a government agency that tries their best to help Congress keep to a budget and make the government work.


Andrew burgess

Andrew is a lay catechist at Apostles Campus Church. He is currently living in Fairfax with his wife Katelyn, where he is studying for his B.S. in Religious Studies at Liberty University. He preaches, leads services, helps lead an Alpha group, and disciples young men. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and hanging out with anyone who wants to!

katelyn burgess

Katelyn works as a lay catechist at Apostles Campus Church. After earning her Bachelor’s in English, Katelyn moved back to her hometown of Fairfax, Virginia where she later met her husband, Andrew. When she’s on campus, you’ll see her leading services, working on administrative projects, and leading an Alpha group. In her free time, Katelyn loves to read, play her keyboard, and hang out with anyone who’s willing.


Kemi is a pastoral intern for Apostles Campus Church, also serving as the new President of the student organization, and a worship leader. She is an upcoming sophomore student at Mason, originally from Baltimore. Kemi loves music and has a bubbly disposition that adds to any conversation.

Mercy Wheeler

Mercy, a former pastoral intern, is now a lay catechist at Apostles Campus Church, regularly preaching and leading services. She was a student at George Mason all four years of her academic career, studying communication, media production and film. In her free time, Mercy likes crafting projects that don't get finished, looking at cute animal pictures, and watching movies with her husband.

our worship leaders

zaki rhett

Zaki is one of our worship leaders at Apostles Campus Church. She is an alumna of George Mason and majored in music with a focus in vocal performance. If you've never heard Zaki sing, you're really missing out! Whatever genre of music she sings, she brings to it her unique sound of gospel/R&B fusion. Originally from Uganda, Zaki has lived in this area for most of her life. She and her husband Bobby live in Fairfax, and Zaki spends most of her days working as a preschool teacher. She has hilarious stories about those precocious little toddlers!


Sam Lee is a worship leader serving at Apostles Campus Church and Church of The Apostles. He started leading worship as a teenager at his youth group and joined the Apostles Campus Worship Team in the Spring of 2015. He has a passion for seeing a generation encounter the love of God and building a community of Christ. He is also a Graphic Designer and Photographer who is newly married to his wife, Jessica. Some of his favorite hobbies are playing the blues guitar, hiking (or pretty much doing anything outdoors), watching 4k content, and eating.

our small group leaders

Dania Patterson

Dania Patterson is a junior studying civil engineering at George Mason University. She is currently the Secretary and a praise and worship band member of Apostles Campus Church. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in high school and has been growing in her faith ever since. She loves singing and is currently president of GMU's Noteworthy Women's Acapella group. Her hobbies include listening to music, writing short stories and plays, and helping others at any opportunity she gets.

Emily Rusch

Emily is a junior studying global affairs and religion. Emily is originally from West Bend, Wisconsin, but now spends most of her time in Virginia. She is excited to be one of our women's connect group leaders. When not at church or in class, Emily can often be found working as an archival assistant in Fenwick Library or hiking in the mountains.

The Officers of Our Executive Board


Angelo (Yanzong) Chen

Angelo (Yanzong) Chen is the President of the Apostles Campus Church registered student organization.  He is largely responsible for making sure that we have space to worship and do our regular activities.  He also keeps up positive relations with the various campus offices and departments to which we are connected and helps to coordinate some of our major events.  Angelo is in his third year at Mason, double majoring in marketing and management.  Originally from Wenzhou, China, Angelo spent the latter part of high school in Florida before coming to Mason.  A truly fun-loving guy, Angelo spends his non-class time by working, developing his professional experience, building relationships with many different types of people and hanging out with friends.

Manikya Veena Katam

Veena is the new Vice President of the Apostles Campus Church registered student organization.  She provides additional support to the other officers and represents ACC's graduate students to the executive board.  Veena is in the second year of her Masters in Data and Analytics, though she has worked as a programmer and has conducted research regarding the Internet of Things.  She is originally from Mogaltur in Andhra Pradesh, India; and she loves spending quality time with others.  If you need a good conversation with someone who will truly care about you and will pray for you, Veena is the person to go to.

Wes Hurd

Wes is a senior who is the new webmaster for the Apostles Campus Church website, ensuring the site is running and updated. Originally from Pennsylvania, he enjoys music, reading, programming, and being active outdoors.