Can you admit when you're chilly? by Stephanie Kammerer

Are there there any areas in your life where you feel unable to live into the truth? When there's something false that keeps you from growing into the fullness of who God made you to be?

When I was a child, I was well known in my family for being the child that "never got cold." I would much rather run free with bare arms rather than feel stuffy and bulky, and so whenever my Mom tried to make me put on a sweater, I would protest in every way that I could: 'forgetting' my sweater at home, 'accidentally' leaving it in the car, and always insisting, "But I'm not cold!" 

This worked great except for those times where I was in fact cold but couldn't admit it.  Sometimes there were chilly or rainy days in California when the temperature would drop down into the low 60/50s or even 40s.  But I was so well-known among the extended family for my stubborn refusal to put on a sweater that I felt I couldn't very well acknowledge when I was actually chilly!  I remember a couple rainy days at the park and windy days at the beach when my mother or grandmother would wave at me to come put on a coat and I wanted it badly, but instead I would insist brightly, "No, I'm not cold!" and I would dash away again trying very hard not to let them see me shiver.  I was stuck in my own insistence and too proud to admit the truth.

Even in our adult lives, we can get so tied up in one rigid identity that we feel we cannot give way to the emergence of any greater truth.  Perhaps at college you've gotten into such a habit of going out on the weekends with friends that it's become hard to admit you'd rather stay home with a book.  Or maybe you're tired of being the over-achiever who always takes 6 classes a semester and you wish you could just relax a little.  Or are you the jokester in your dorm, or the computer expert, or the artsy one, or the organized responsible one? Whoever you may be, hold that identity loosely enough that God can keep changing and growing you into the full person God means you to be!

If you can admit when you're chilly, you will find that God gives both sunny bare-armed days and cozy bundled-up days in which to thrive! There is great flexibility to be found in living in the truth.